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Our Work


Very Simple Payroll

A clear and straight forward way to managing and paying employees

Chamber Orchastra of Edmonton

Dedicated to the music

A beautiful and simply informative home for the orchestra

FunctionX Inc.

Refocus on video

A fresh look for wetpaint's new online tv platform

Sqwrl Collective Inc.

The Future of Collecting

The Sqwrl collecting app, a responsive modern web app

Sqwrl Collective Inc.

Connected Through Collectibles

The Sqwrl pitchdeck, an animated telling of the Sqwrl story


An Android Photo App Website

Making it quick and easy to remove your photo’s background

Madame Moje Inc.

Bringing Parisian Fashion to Canada

Contemporary clean e-commerce for a new brand

West Coast Rainwater

A drop in your bucket

Working with Mother Nature to bring you water

Phil's Seafood Ltd.

A taste of Nova Scotia

Crafting a home for your local eatery